To satisfy the growing demand of more complex shape ceramic components, post sintering machining with diamond tools is one of the way to meet the customers requirements, but this means several machining hours with the consequent increase of the manufacturing cost, and for very small and complex shape the machining could be impossible.

Another way is to directly mold the complex shape with a high precision shrinkage control to be able to meet the customer specifications and dimension tolerance without the need of post sintering machining, this solution is the main goal of ADAMOU S.à.r.l.

We have developed our special Ceramic injection molding process and are now able to meet tolerances as small as +/- 5 microns without machining.

Our method is particularly well suited for impossible or difficult to machine micro-part as example.

Your Contact : Mr. I. ADAMOU

As Materials Science Engineer Mr. ADAMOU has had several years experience in the industry, first as projects leader, and then as technical Director  in the Research & Development of new manufacturing process, specially the powder metallurgy and the technical ceramics,

Specialist in technical ceramics and ceramic injection molding

We manufacture high precision components made out of Advanced Ceramics, also called Technical Ceramics, such as Zirconia (ZrO2), high purity Alumina (Al2O3) and other ceramics blends, by Ceramic Injection molding exclusively according to customer specifications.

Our after sintering polishing and lapping process can achieve surface finish up to grade N1- N2.

Adamou is specialized in the moulding of net shape Technical ceramics parts within the required tolerances .

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