Swiss manufacturer of precision micro-parts we manufacture by injection molding, on request and according to the specifications of our customers, high-performance ceramic precision parts such as Alumina  ( Al2O3 ) and Zirconia (ZrO2) and d other compositions on request.

Adamou S.à .rl specializes in precision injection molding to obtain raw sintered ceramic components in zirconia or alumina directly within the required tolerances, making machining after firing unnecessary, which greatly increases manufacturing costs. 

We guarantee compliance with tolerances of 5 to 3 microns on high-precision ceramic parts according to watchmaking , micro-technical and medical requirements.

High-tech applications

Their high hardness, their excellent resistance to wear, to most chemicals, and to high temperature, their bio-compatibility, and their good ability to polish up to grade N1, favor a very wide use of technical ceramics . whose main fields are:

Chemistry, Medical, Microtechnology, Watchmaking, Jewelery

Objectives & Materials

For applications requiring high wear and corrosion resistance we provide Technical Ceramics in a range of high purity Aluminum oxide, Zirconium oxide partially or full stabilized with Yttrium oxide or Magnesium oxide.

The study and development of advanced ceramic materials over rescent years has found the way to drastically increase their properties.

Objectives & Production

To satisfy the growing demand of more complex shape ceramic components, post sintering machining with diamond tools is one of the way to meet the customers requirements, but this means several machining hours with the consequent increase of the manufacturing cost.

We have developed our special Ceramic injection molding and are now able to meet tolerances as small as +/- 3 microns without machining.

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