High quality ceramic micro components

The machining of the technical ceramic micro components is very hard and even impossible for parts with complex shape and thickness of the order of a few tens of microns.

However application of these types of micro parts in the micro-systems, the medical , and the watch moving parts and other needs is growing and open new conception and design approach .

For these high precision parts we developed a special injection molding process to get net shape parts without the need of post machining, enabling us to guarantee dimensions tolerance up to +/- 3 microns.

As a Switzerland company we are specialized in the manufacturing of very high precision technical ceramics micro-components, guaranteed swiss made.

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"Adamou Sàrl of Etoy, Switzerland, is using ceramic injection moulding (CIM) to produce a sintered valve seat from 99.9% alumina powder."

Featured in: Powder Injection Moulding International magazine

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