Specialist in technical ceramics and ceramic injection molding


We manufacture high precision components made out of Advanced Ceramics, also called Technical Ceramics, such as Zirconia (ZrO2), high purity Alumina (Al2O3) and other ceramics blends, by Ceramic Injection molding exclusively according to customer specifications.


Adamou is specialized in the moulding of net shape Technical ceramics parts within the required tolerances without machining.


Our after sintering polishing process can achieve surface finish up to grade N1- N2.


The goal is to provide economical, high quality and high precision ceramic components. Over the years, we have developed our special Ceramic Injection Molding process to achieve without machining, parts made out of ultra-hard materials such as Zirconium oxide (TTZ, TZP), Aluminum oxide, and others.


The main key factor to Adamou's success is a long experience in ceramic materials processing.


We are a Materials Science oriented company and produce high performance ceramic components.


Our permanent target is to produce for our customers the highest performance sintered ceramic parts with the optimal properties according to the materials and the dedicated use.


Production range : from few cm3 to few mm3 micro-parts within tolerances of a few microns.


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"Adamou Sàrl of Etoy, Switzerland, is using ceramic injection moulding (CIM) to produce a sintered valve seat from 99.9% alumina powder."

Featured in: Powder Injection Moulding International magazine

An short article that explains what industrial or technical ceramics is and application domains its used in.